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So I seem to have picked up the crud from my parents so this weekend's art post is going to be fairly lackluster.

This week I was also working on things that I can not show. More comic work, the shop set up, and various odds and ends of me trying to work on resumes, and promotional stuff. That last bit was like pulling teeth.

So anyways, onwards with the art post before I keel over asleep again.

Just a goof off picture of Sophie. I always draw her so collected and neat that I wanted a break from that.

I was also testing some new grunge brushes I picked up for Photoshop. I also decided to make goggles DO SOMETHING for once. They've become such a steam punk staple/joke/gag.

A messy sketch attempt to revist an concept/piece I did in the past.

Second sketch attempt at the above piece. Still not there yet, lots of work to do on this one. I might leave this one to sit around and stew for a bit longer.

And lastly, a banner for the store I'm slowly hacking at (calculating S&H sucks).

This may or may not be the final version unless I can figure out something better that doesn't involve the words "snake oil".

Well, I'm fading quickly, so I'm going to go crawl back into bed.

EDIT: I apparently am so far gone I made multiple mistakes in my HTML coding for the lj-cut tags and pictures. Considering I can normally do that in my sleep I must be worse off than I thought.

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