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Well another week, another (slightly late) art post, also have some other stuff to announce.

But first the pictures.

This was an experment to see if I could try to speed up/streamline my color process cause it is sort of dragging my productivity down a bit. Tannis from my web comic project that will one day see the light of day. Not sure if I did manage to streamline it well but I think it might be possible.

Revisiting an old character concept of mine from high school.
A friend and I upset at the lack of female jedi in Star Wars set out to design our own.
He came up with a steampunk-ish girl with a robot side kick.

I came up with the half scarred, robotic armed refugee desert nomad pictured above. I dunno man this probably had something to do with my Dune fascination.

Her hair is uncolored because I am ashamed of her green hair, the anime color scheme is something I experimented with heavily in high school. I was young, everyone was doing it at the time.

Anyways are light sabers shes got in her hands I just hate drawing light-sabers so I left them just faintly penciled in.

A color key for a new Alice illustration. I've already got the piece transferred to board and need to get the first couple washes applied.

And a more fish like mermaid.
I shoved her eyes farther apart like a fish to see what effect that gives. She's got the Innsmouth look me thinks.

For the record I CAN and HAVE drawn normal happy mermaids for people. Just drawing for myself I would rather try for something a little different.

And onwards to the announcements.

The Foolish Mortal Store is now set up and running. I still need to add a lot to it but I decided to get it running before I talked myself out of it entirely. This store will hopefully in the future be where you can purchase prints, buttons, and jewelry and other items of my creation.

I am also attending Comicpalooza in Houston the weekend of May 27th. I'll be there along with a friend of mine selling artwork and a limited range of buttons. If you are in the area come on by and say hi.

Also for those expecting to see me at A-kon this year: the way things look now I am not going to be there. I will give updates to the rest of the convention schedule as they happen.


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