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Finished this one earlier this week.
Fairly happy with this one, though I tried a different technique with the under painting that I think worked out rather well.

An experiment in digital painting I did for exercise and practice.
Return of my weird burned out one armed jedi girl. I get the idea she'd be a fun role playing character if I ever got a chance to play her.

I decided to try to draw another mermaid to make a tiny painting to sell. I'll probably transfer her to the watercolor block soon.
I tried to make her more evil like her predecessors, instead I think she's actually a nice pleasant friendly individual. Ah well.
I was working on this while watching Jacob's Ladder which is why her inking is so sloppy. I'd work on it, during the slow parts then there'd be loud gasps from my friends, I'd look up and jump from the visuals.

I'm really not sure what this is, or what I'm going to do with it. I had this mental image and decided to put it down to paper. He probably does more than polish robot feet but I neglected to give him more equipment to do stuff besides robot feet.

Oh yea, I also now have a Tumblr account which is becoming more of a compilation of ear worms and neat links. I do also post art on there though it is mostly being dominated by everyone else's pic spam.


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