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Okay I'm going to attempt a vague con report. I'm always bad at these but here we go.

I probably shouldn't really complain due to the fact I was sharing a table with someone and not in fact having to deal with the Artist Alley or the con first hand. But yea, disorganized.

I get to the con to discover that despite all the rules about fan art and copyright checking and making sure we were all "up to snuff" there was nothing. No one came by, no one checked, no one noticed, etc. No one even checked for tax IDs which is something that I've come to expect (then again I deal with A-kon who won't even let you register without one.) I then spend the rest of the weekend kicking myself around for not bringing the more popular buttons that I left behind due to the fan-art rules.

Artist Alley tables were assigned at the last minute from best I could gather as indicated by the messily scribbled index cards scattered among the tables.

The con schedule was something that you had to hunt for and was issued each morning. Even then the schedule was patchy with large empty gaps and was not very clear. My table host was trying to get to an event that the schedule said had happened on Friday and was not listed on Saturday at all, only to discover that it was on Saturday night after all just no one saw fit to list it.

The noise level at this con was rather special.

The Artist Alley room was not very big and shared its space with a large taped off space for folks to beat each other up with padded sticks. This generated a fair amount of noise along with the usual squeals, shouting and various battling music at the tables but nothing too too bad.

At one point on Saturday someone decided to move around some of the Artist Alley tables and set up a DJ booth. We aren't sure WHY but we were informed that it was cleared with SOMEONE so by god the DJ was going to move in. So the noise level was then topped off by loud repetitive techno and all transactions had to be conducted by practically yelling in ones ear so you could be heard. From talking to otehr folks general consensus was that the music actually was being cranked up at regular intervals, so when you thought the music couldn't get louder, it proved you wrong. There were parts of the day when my hands were shaking but I couldn't tell if it was from exhaustion or from the vibrations of the music.

Thankfully someone did at some point talk to him and music was turned down. So things were more civilized but then we had to contend with a largely increasing dance off that threatened to swallow the nearby Artist Alley tables (including ours) up.

Sadly not even the hotel room allowed us to escape the noise. We ended up with a room that had a window facing the lobby/atrium which constantly echoed and resonated with usual chatter yelling, laughter and such. The con noise was a constant background noise that was inescapable. I had a chronic background headache for much of Friday and part of Saturday. Thankfully I know people who are generous with the pain killers so I was annoyed but head ache free for the rest of the weekend.

Con wise sales were decent, my table partners stuff sold rather well my friend Jeff's word art sold rather well and my class mate Cyndi did a countless number of portraits.

My sales personally were nice. I actually sold jewelry and artwork this con instead of vast amounts of buttons like A-Kon (buttons are awesome but when I sell nothing but those I start rethinking my life.)

I met lots of awesome people and saw alot of awesome costumes (I sadly do not have many photos to share of my outfit or others.) Plus I actually got to talk to other artists this time round which is always cool. So all in all it wasn't a bad little con, I'll just bring ear plugs next time.

Oh yes, if you went to Oni-Con and are named Ashley and paid me for a portrait done please contact me so we can work something out.

And now back to playing Echo Bazaar. I really should have known better than to read the damn graffiti, now I've got eight fingered men from my nightmares greeting me on the street. I should get that fixed.


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