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Not much to report here.

Been busy with con prep and playing way too much Mass Effect 2. I still need to make more buttons, and then reorganize the whole button system, and then restock the small print box, and then order more paper and backs for the matted paintings etc etc. Miles to go before I sleep and all the usual rot.

So onto the art post.

First up is this. I finally finished this thing. I'm so happy to get this off my plate, I've been kicking it around for months. More of Sophia and Robert. I am tempted to do little short illustrated stories of their exploits at some point. Though I am going to get the comic cranked up before I get too into that idea.

More odds and end sketches of the one armed jedi with no name. She needs a name and a game/story to run around in. Using a brush pen is something I need to do more often, makes you clean up your lines, make things simpler.

And some off model practice sketches. My rough approximation of Matt Smith for future artings and a very off model approximation of what my Commander Velah Shepard looks like, officially she looks more derpy than this.

Anyways thats all for now. I'm off to shower and goof off since I've accomplished a fair amount today.


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