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Greetings, life on this end has been rather hilariously hectic.

2012 has pretty much come in to my life with fists swinging.

After the holidays I got a horrible cold that was like the hokey pokey of colds. It'd get in my head and sniffle and then when my head cleared up my lungs got congested and then when I thought I had the lungs handled it went back to my head. I ended sleeping through four or five days pouring hot liquids and decongestant down my throat whenever I was awake enough to hold a mug.

And then some family medical stuff happened that I'm not going to go into, that sort of threw everything else for a loop. It's still not done, its just building right now.

On the plus side my brain is clearing out all the mental cobwebs and cranking out some ideas. True most of those ideas I can't use for conventions or anything but, still this is a lot better than the depressive funk I was in during December. Though now it leaves me very much tired in a "there are not enough hours in the day for all the thinks I have to draw and write" sense. But hey, some of it MIGHT see the light of day.

That being said, have some art I'm working on.

Not sure where this came from or where it's going but its fun to work on between commission stuff. Hopefully I'll figure out a background for this and throw it in the print book at some point.

A cicada, done as a commission for a friend who has a sister who loves bugs. I've got another one of these to do. This has certainly been a learning experience for me, even if it has been rather nerve wracking and tedious to work on. Insects are very much not my forte.

Sorry for the huge watermark on this but this is a commission, so for various reasons I don't really want this walking off just yet.

Some sketches I did for a mental break. There's a bad messy sketch of me being half asleep (this was while I was still recovering from The Cold from Hell.) The other one is inspired by my current reading material (Song of Fire and Ice) and a few blogs I hang out that discuss armor and depictions of practical armor for women. I had always wanted to do a St George and the Dragon sort of thing, so this will probably get reworked into something better.

Not much to say about this, was writing some silly crap and wanted to figure out some characterization for a Glorified Extra Lady. I tend to figure out characterization via sketching out them "acting" so I tried that here. I totally slaughtered that dress design, it actually looks REALLY good on the mannequin but horrible when I drew it.

Anyways folks thats all I've got for you today.
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