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So it's been a while since an update in here. I decided to fix that.

I survived my con season so far. Not much to say since it all sort of forms a blur. Doing two large consecutive conventions will do that to you I suppose. Thankfully I've got until August to rest, restock and recuperate.

I will say they went very well. Well mostly things went alright, one day I might share the story of The Business Card Debacle and the Tale of the Executive Suite That Never Was. But other than a few hiccups I had lots of fun and met lots of awesome folks. I also drew a lot of ponies. Boy howdy the amount of ponies we drew. It was sort of a relief to come home and draw stuff I wanted to do that was very much NOT a pony.

Speaking of ponies here's any art post.

First off though,

29 ponies and a month or two later: The complete Game of Thronies. Full explanation and somewhat larger version are available if you click on the image to the deviantart page.

And now for non pony things.

Robear the voodoo man and an associate of his, I think she's a medium. I'm not really sure, I'm still puzzling through these folks and I've got other things on my mind.

The finished version of this piece, I posted the sketch last entry, back in May.
Based on the Fatal Frame games, more specifically the second one. This one is sort of the companion to the Pyramid Head painting, at least genre and technique wise even if they don't look much alike.

And now for something not finished.
I am not sure what the point or purpose of this is besides killing time. I started and continue to work on this when I am on break at work.

That's all I've got for right now. I might have more later.


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