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The Life of a Foolish Mortal

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Hi there folks, you've arrived at the rambly journal of one Lissa Quon. (No that isn't my real name but it is as good as any name on the internet.)I'm one of those crazy artist/writer types with glasses that the great person mold in the sky seems to crank out regularly.

While I haven't gotten any writing projects off the ground I have managed to keep up with doing art work more than once in a while, . My current goal right now is to surivive college and get out of it with some sort of knowledge that will allow me to not starve for a living. I'm an eternal optimist on this matter.

While I do post artwork on this journal most of it is the work in progress sort that few people find interesting or coherent.

Most of my finished works and old ancient sketches and such can be found at My devart page. I also have a personal gallery made by yours truly that can be found under my studio name Foolish Mortal.

Ok, ramblings aside (see I told you it was rambly here) this journal tends to be my ranting page more than an art page. So if you friend me to see artwork be warned there will be alot of wordy posts between art. I also tend to be on the sarcastic cynical side of things, and I have been known to curse abit. You have been warned. If none of this bothers you than feel free to friend.

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