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Okay, so it's been damn near a month since I've posted on livejournal. Apparently theres been some new layouts and such, I haven't noticed them yet. I'm sure I'll be filled with rage with the rest of you when I finally encounter them.

Sorry about the lack of presence on here guys, I've been very busy and worn out from the holidays and my retail job. Tumblr is easy to keep up on, just fav a few things, reblog some others but livejournal posts take a bit more energy and more to say.

Not much to say on this front, my holiday plans are fairly quiet, see some friends, some pizza, and play some TF2.

But as an apology have some art. I got a new scanner as an early Christmas present but haven't gotten a chance to set it up yet so there's not much to post.

On that note, have a Krampus.
I normally try to do a happy Christmas image that gets used for Christmas cards (if I do cards that year.)
This year...I wasn't really feeling goodwill towards men or the magic of Christmas and all. So Krampus is what ended up being done for this year.

And now for some weird random images I can not for the life of my figure out where they came from.

For some reason I had the impulse to draw this.
I had to draw this, and I had to do it right. This probably isn't right but this was decent enough to satisfy whatever muse demanded it.
I'm not sure why I was too lazy to give her nipples. I might revisit this at a later date.

This one is not finished.
I'm not sure if it will be, something about this isn't quite right. Not sure of its the media or the style or what.
Mainly this comes from my obsession with blue morphos even though I knew I'd never manage to paint them decently.
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