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Welp greetings - not much going on here. Still trying to stay sane and work. Also trying to stay focused on the work I need to do, instead of what I want to do. This is actually very difficult for me right now.

It feels like I'm spinning so many plates right now. And of course me being me - part of coping with my plate spinning is adding silly stuff I WANT to work on to my work pile

With that said lets have an art post.

For starters have a sad Ned Stark pony.

So for reasons that made sense to me, at one point, I started the rather large project to turn various cast members of A Song of Fire and Ice into ponies. some how in the end the intention is for this to be one big poster of ponies and madness.

So here's what I got so far.

The Lannisters

The Starks (and Hodor)

I do intend to do more and get a background done...if I don't weaken.

And for a rather odd change of pace as a break from the ponies I painted this.
For those of you lucky enough to not be acquainted - this is Pyramid Head of Silent Hill fame. The character actually used to give me nightmares so I have no idea why I decided I needed to paint him.
I really hope someone buys this painting from me at con because I have no desire to keep it. Also my future house mate refuses to let this be under the same roof as her.

I finally finished these bugs - and they have been printed and given to the intended parties. So I'm free to post this now.

And finally a rough sketch for another painting. I've had a few requests and people asking me at conventions for something Fatal Frame related.

Not sure if this is something folks ask at all tables or if this is just me. But I have one small piece of clayboard left, a desire to paint things un-ponylike and so I'm going to take a stab at it.

Anyways that's all I got for right now. I need to back to work on commission stuff tommorow. So while I'm still up I'm off to work on silly things I want to work on that no one will want to see or buy.


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