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Just a heads up, I'm not dead. Just horribly distracted.

Not going to go into lots of details, but I've had a large variety of stuff go down friends and family related along with assorted other stuff. Helped a friend work a fairly painfully slow convention. My computer had hard drive problems so that had to be dealt with. Plus I got a new monitor and spent a day or two getting adjusted from my old school standard monitor to a wide screen. I've got more stuff coming up end of this week and next week so yea, been fairly busy going in circles.

Artwise I've been working on commission work and making the old comic pages more presentable so I don't commit seppeku when I upload them (soon I do intend to throw the first few pages up online just to stop me brooding over it). The work I post now is not the comic work.

Here, have a random Tannis sketch I did for a warm-up. It's not perfect but I like SOMETHING about it, not sure what it is about it though.

A random...hooded thing. Was debating about doing a set of weirdly blinded/muted/deafened hooded folks. Not sure to what end though.

Oh yea, I had forgotten to mention I also discovered Team Fortress 2 recently and it has eaten my brain. (Steam name of Foolish Mortal for anyone who cares) Yes, I'm F2P, I don't really care what anyone thinks of me for that. I just don't have disposable income to blow on games.

Anyway, I play Engineer a lot. This image came to mind since I have a mad scientist/mechanic/engineer character of my own (seen in previous art posts around here. Though Sophie is a lady and probably wouldn't be slumming it as a hired gun; so I'm not sure WHY she'd be working with Red and Blu. Gave this more a steampunk flair for shits and giggles. I'm probably going to color this for some fun and probably add Bertie her Robot Manservant in the background (as a Heavy).

Anyways that's all I got for now.


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