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Greetings folks.

Sorry for the radio silence, I've been rather introverted lately and been working mainly on a commission project. Also I did have some plans in the works for Foolish Mortals 6th birthday but all of them have seemingly fell through. So this means there hasn't been much to post or comment on. The commission work I may show at some point but not anytime in the foreseeable future.

My introversion however has come to something resembling an end. After a very long bout of unemployment I've started a part time job. Considering I think my scanner is on its last legs I am so very very happy to enter the land of somewhat steadier pay.

Not too far into the job so I've just been in basic training though in the end I'm going to be in the framing department. It's retail, nothing amazing but it is at a craft/art supply store so I am not completely out of my element. So far my only major concern has been that somehow I'd do something stupid and awkward and they'd realize they hired a woman a few cats away from Crazy Cat Lady and boot me out the door. So far I've been doing a fair job with my "Responsible Adult" act we shall see how long this lasts.

Anyways on that note, here's some art posting.

Working on this for a new business card design.
Not sure if this is going to be the only card design or if I'll have other designs in the run. You know, for the people or occasions when skeletons are not wanted.
Not that I can think of any situation that isn't improved by a skeleton in a top hat. I've heard they exist though.

This did get finished. Though sadly I probably won't do the postcard run I was planning to for these.
This might make it to the print book in the end at least.

My TF2 obsession comes to the surface again. Spy and Sniper on a road trip of ultra violence in a badly drawn Land Rover circa 1960something.

Vaguely inspired by some stupid GMod videos on Youtube.

Drawn in Sai as an experiment. The program is interesting though the translation of the program I was using was rather hilarious to understand.
So Opacity was labeled Density, Blending is, Blending, and I still have no idea what the heck Persistence is.

And now for awkward sketch theater.

Cicada practice sketches for a commission for a friend.

A silly sketch of Sophie and Bertie. This may or may not ever get finished.
Not sure why shes giving him a kiss.
They ARE technically cousins, but their relationship is not romantic and I personally don't read this as a romantic kiss.

Though with Bertie's lack of lips there really isn't any way to tell whats "forehead" and "mouth" territory on his fishbowl. So *shrug* just liked the image.

Also in other news, The Project is sort of up.
Not very far along and it has no set update schedule at this point but I figured I needed to start releasing pages out into the wilds before I edited them to death.

Anyways that all I have to say right now. I'll probably post more updates as I can around the 21st.


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