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Greetings internet.

Once again sorry for the internet silence. I tend to have a bad habit of wandeirng off and getting wrapped up in things.

Not much to report. I'm hilariously in a bit of a rut again. Around this time last year I was unemployed and getting to the end of my rope. Shortly after that things started looking up. I had a job, some steady pay, and Plans for the Future.

Now I'm damn near unemployed and sort of getting glimpses of that rope again. All my plans fell to the way side, anything that looked like it might work out has fallen apart and I feel like I've just run a full circle. At least this time I have a working scanner, which is an improvement from last year.

I might soon get back to The Project that got set aside in the flurry of broken tech, holidays, retail during the holidays, family drama, various medical emergencies, the great moving fake out, con season, and something that might have been a minor break down. 2012 sort of kicked me around pretty hard.

I also get really shy about showing off anything I write. I write - I create - I world build and spin little stories. I can show you drawings of it all until I'm blue in the face and have no concerns. The second I start trying to explain who these people are or what they do, I get nervous and clam up. I get scared that I write badly, that nothing makes sense, that no one will read it, that they'll read it and hate it. These are actually problems I'm working on in some fashion or other.

That said I haven't really had much to post on here. I do not believe in airing out my problems and right now I've got little else to share. So like I said - please forgive the radio silence. I'll try to get an art post up soon.


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