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So I'm sitting here at 6 in the morning listening to cheery cheery Jazz music while nursing my printers along to try to bulk up my print stock. My to-do list is miles long and I have no idea where it ends. Con season is here, and it is here in full force.

Me and the apprentice have a convention at the end of next week. We (at least I was I do not know about the apprentice) are sort of caught flat footed on this since we were sitting on the waiting list fat dumb and happy, not expecting to be called, our next convention a blissful happy safe two months away. Our number got called and we couldn't come up with a reason to say no, so here we are scurrying to get everything sorted and handled. Her with school and me with my mom's doctor's appointments, my job doubling my hours for this week and other rot.

Anyways, while I'm panicking and chasing tail lets have some art posts.

To kick things off here's Porco Rosso. This is an ACEO I worked on while twitching and waiting for registration to open up for A-Kon. (I WILL be posting my convention schedule thus far next post)

Revisiting my Sexy Pyro piece. This previously had been done as it was for purposes of an in game spray - for printing it needed to be proportioned a bit differently. So I finished the figure up and redid some bits. Still fighting the printer on color matching this one though. Grrrr.

And now for some works in progress/color keys/sketches.

Still hacking at this one. I got further along and now have at least PART of the background done. So there's that I guess.

Something depressing involving a unicorn. Hoping to make an actual real painting out of this when I get time. If I ever get time.

A maniac doing something to a bomb. Not sure exactly what's going on, this started as a concept for a t-shirt for a convention that wanted something kinda Fallout-esque with some Dr Strangelove thrown in. The shirt design bit fell through but the sketch will probably live on to be prints or something.

And finally - a steampunk clockwork showgirl. Not sure what to do with this one just yet. Might keep the design and recompose.

Well I think I've finished up all the printing I can do for the moment. So I'm going to slump over into bed for a bit before I go out and run the 500 errands I need to run.


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